PM Modi’s Stinging Critique: Congress’ Electoral Dismay

"Congress Couldn't Touch 100 Mark Even After 10 Years": PM's All-Out Attack

Summary Prime Minister Narendra Modi delivered a scathing critique of the Congress party’s electoral performance, highlighting its failure to surpass the 100-seat mark in the recent elections. Despite the BJP’s reduced seat count, Modi hailed the NDA as the “most successful alliance” in the country. He taunted the Congress over its decade-long struggle to reach the 100-seat milestone and emphasized the BJP’s superior electoral performance. However, Modi’s remarks may be premature, as the Congress could still achieve the 100-seat mark with potential developments in party alliances. Modi also underscored the importance of coalition politics, acknowledging the NDA’s reliance on key allies like Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU. As Modi prepares for his third term inauguration, the political landscape remains dynamic, shaped by alliances and negotiations.

As Narendra Modi gears up for his third term as Prime Minister, his recent remarks on Congress’ electoral performance have stirred debate and reflection on the country’s political landscape.

In a speech laden with jibes and taunts, Modi took a swipe at the Congress party, highlighting its failure to secure a significant number of seats in the recent elections. Despite Congress’ leadership of the INDIA opposition bloc, Modi emphasized its inability to surpass the 100-seat mark, painting a stark picture of electoral dismay for the party.

Modi’s remarks underscored the BJP’s electoral achievements, despite its own reduced seat count of 240, the lowest in 15 years. He proclaimed the NDA, whose members propelled the BJP beyond the 272-seat majority mark, as the “most successful alliance” in the country.

The Congress, Modi quipped, has struggled to reach the 100-seat milestone even after a decade of electoral battles. Comparing the cumulative seat count of the 2014, 2019, and 2024 elections, Modi highlighted Congress’ failure to match the BJP’s performance in a single election cycle.

However, Modi’s jibe may have been premature, as the Congress could potentially breach the 100-seat mark if Vishal Patil, a party rebel who won from Maharashtra’s Sangli, rejoins the party. Congress chief Mallikarjun Kharge’s announcement of Patil’s support hints at potential developments in the party’s seat count.

Amidst the political banter, Modi also made a pitch for governance by consensus and coalition politics, emphasizing the NDA’s commitment to upholding constitutional values. Acknowledging the importance of allies, Modi highlighted the NDA’s reliance on Chandrababu Naidu’s TDP and Nitish Kumar’s JDU, both seen as kingmakers in the current political landscape.

As the BJP prepares to form the government, Modi’s third term inauguration on Sunday signifies a continuation of his leadership journey, matching the record of Congress stalwart Jawaharlal Nehru. With alliances and negotiations shaping the contours of power, the political arena remains dynamic and unpredictable, setting the stage for new chapters in India’s democratic journey.

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