Top 10 RegTech Startups in India

Here are the names of the top 10 RegTech startups in India:


Industry FocusCredit Risk Management
ServicesCredit Monitoring, Compliance Solutions
TechnologyAI-driven Analytics
Key FeaturesReal-time Credit Insights, Risk Assessment

Description: CrediWatch specializes in providing credit risk management and compliance solutions through AI-driven analytics. It offers services such as real-time credit monitoring and risk assessment to help businesses make informed decisions and manage credit risks effectively.

2.Vizor Software:

Industry FocusRegulatory Technology (RegTech)
ServicesCompliance Monitoring, Reporting
Key FeaturesAutomation, Risk Management
InnovationRegulatory Compliance Solutions

Description: Vizor Software specializes in Regulatory Technology (RegTech), focusing on compliance monitoring and reporting services. They offer automation and risk management tools, providing innovative regulatory compliance solutions to financial institutions and regulatory authorities.

3.Primechain Technologies:

Industry FocusBlockchain Technology
SolutionsBlockchain-based KYC, AML Solutions
Key FeaturesSecure Identity Verification, Compliance Automation
InnovationBlockchain Integration for Financial Services

Description: Primechain Technologies specializes in leveraging blockchain technology to provide secure and efficient solutions for KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) compliance. Their innovations focus on enhancing identity verification processes and automating compliance procedures within the financial services sector.


Industry FocusRegTech (Regulatory Technology)
SolutionsDigital Onboarding, KYC Automation
Key FeaturesAI-powered Verification, Compliance Checks
InnovationReal-time Document Authentication

Description: Signzy specializes in providing digital onboarding and KYC (Know Your Customer) automation solutions using AI-powered technologies. Their platform facilitates real-time document authentication and compliance checks, helping financial institutions streamline customer verification processes securely and efficiently.

5.Simpliance Technologies:

Industry FocusCompliance Management
SolutionsCloud-based Compliance Software
Key FeaturesAutomated Compliance Tracking, Regulatory Updates
InnovationAI-driven Compliance Solutions

Description: Simpliance Technologies specializes in cloud-based compliance management software. Their solutions automate compliance tracking, provide regulatory updates, and utilize AI to enhance compliance processes for businesses across various industries.

6.Compliance Compendium:

Industry FocusCompliance Management
SolutionsCompliance Automation, Monitoring
Key FeaturesRegulatory Updates, Risk Assessment
InnovationReal-time Compliance Monitoring

Description: Compliance Compendium specializes in providing solutions for compliance automation and monitoring. Their platform offers real-time monitoring of regulatory updates and risk assessment, helping organizations stay compliant with evolving regulatory requirements efficiently.

7.GAVS Technologies:

Industry FocusIT Services, Risk Management
SolutionsAI-driven Risk Management, IT Operations
Key FeaturesReal-time Data Analytics, Predictive Insights
InnovationAI and Machine Learning for Risk Mitigation

Description: GAVS Technologies specializes in IT services and risk management solutions leveraging AI and machine learning. They provide real-time data analytics and predictive insights to help organizations mitigate risks effectively in their IT operations and beyond.

8.Encompass Corporation:

Industry FocusRegTech (Regulatory Technology)
SolutionsAutomated KYC (Know Your Customer) Solutions
Key FeaturesEnhanced Due Diligence, Compliance Automation
InnovationAI-driven Regulatory Intelligence

Description: Encompass Corporation specializes in providing RegTech solutions focused on automated KYC processes. Their platform offers enhanced due diligence and compliance automation using AI-driven regulatory intelligence, helping financial institutions and professional service firms streamline customer onboarding and compliance processes efficiently.

SectorEducation Technology (EdTech)
ProductAI-powered personalized learning
HeadquartersMumbai, India

Description: BlinkIn, founded in 2020 and headquartered in Mumbai, India, operates in the education technology (EdTech) sector. The company specializes in AI-powered personalized learning solutions, aiming to enhance educational outcomes by tailoring content and learning experiences to individual student needs. BlinkIn’s innovative approach utilizes artificial intelligence to create adaptive learning paths, providing students with personalized support and resources to improve their academic performance and engagement.

10.Mindgate Solutions:

Industry FocusPayment Solutions
SolutionsDigital Payments, Payment Gateway
Key FeaturesSecure Transactions, Fraud Prevention
InnovationReal-time Payment Processing

Description: Mindgate Solutions specializes in providing payment solutions, including digital payments and payment gateway services. They focus on secure transactions and fraud prevention, leveraging real-time payment processing technologies to enhance financial transaction efficiency and security.

These startups specialize in various aspects of regulatory technology (RegTech), such as credit risk management, regulatory reporting, blockchain-powered KYC/AML solutions, compliance automation, AI-driven risk management, and payment solutions. They are at the forefront of leveraging technology to address compliance challenges across industries in India.

some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top 10 RegTech startups in India:

  1. What does CrediWatch specialize in?
    • CrediWatch specializes in credit risk management and compliance solutions, offering insights and monitoring services to businesses.
  2. What regulatory challenges does Vizor Software address?
    • Vizor Software focuses on regulatory reporting and supervisory technology, helping financial institutions comply with reporting requirements efficiently.
  3. How does Primechain Technologies utilize blockchain for KYC and AML?
    • Primechain Technologies leverages blockchain technology to provide secure and efficient KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) solutions, enhancing transparency and data security.
  4. What services does Signzy offer for digital onboarding?
    • Signzy offers AI-powered digital onboarding solutions that streamline customer verification processes for banks and financial institutions, ensuring compliance with regulatory norms.
  5. What compliance management solutions does Simpliance Technologies provide?
    • Simpliance Technologies offers cloud-based compliance management software that automates regulatory compliance processes, reducing risks and improving efficiency for businesses.
  6. How does Compliance Compendium assist with compliance automation?
    • Compliance Compendium provides tools and solutions for compliance automation and monitoring, helping organizations stay updated with regulatory changes and requirements.
  7. What is GAVS Technologies’ approach to AI-driven risk management?
    • GAVS Technologies utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to offer risk management solutions that analyze data in real-time, enabling proactive risk mitigation strategies for businesses.
  8. How does Encompass Corporation automate KYC processes?
    • Encompass Corporation offers automated KYC solutions that gather and analyze data from multiple sources, simplifying the customer due diligence process for financial institutions.

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