Launch of ‘Deoria Mange Vote’ Campaign in Deoria District

Launch of 'Deoria Mange Vote' Campaign in Deoria District

The ‘Deoria Mange Vote’ campaign has been launched in Deoria to boost voter enthusiasm for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections. This campaign aims to raise awareness among voters and educate citizens about the importance of voting.

The main objective of the ‘Deoria Mange Vote’ campaign is to inspire individuals to vote by supporting community organizations, technology, and innovative communication strategies. Additionally, the campaign is working to eliminate voting barriers in Deoria by leveraging digital platforms, non-governmental organizations, and strategic partnerships.

The team behind the ‘Deoria Mange Vote’ campaign believes that every vote is crucial, and individuals should exercise their right to vote. They urge everyone to vote on 1st June.

All citizens, stakeholders, and partners in Deoria are invited to join hands in this noble cause and realize the principles of an active democracy.

For more information, watch this video:

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