Top 10 ClimateTech Startups in India

As of recent trends and developments, here are ten notable ClimateTech startups in India that are making significant strides in addressing climate change through innovative technologies and solutions:


IndustrySatellite imaging technology
FocusEnvironmental monitoring, agriculture management
ProductsHigh-resolution imaging, data analytics
ApplicationsPrecision agriculture, environmental assessment

Description: Ororatech specializes in developing satellite imaging technology tailored for environmental monitoring and agricultural management. Their products include high-resolution imaging solutions and advanced data analytics, aimed at supporting precise applications in agriculture and environmental assessment.

2.Smart Joules:

IndustryEnergy efficiency solutions
FocusBuilding energy management
ProductsIoT-based energy monitoring systems
ServicesEnergy audit, consultancy

Description: Smart Joules specializes in providing energy efficiency solutions with a focus on building energy management. They offer IoT-based energy monitoring systems along with services such as energy audits and consultancy to optimize energy usage and reduce environmental impact.

3.Carbon Clean Solutions:

IndustryCarbon capture and utilization
FocusClean technology, reducing CO2 emissions
TechnologyAdvanced carbon capture technology
ApplicationsIndustrial emissions reduction

Description: Carbon Clean Solutions specializes in clean technology with a focus on carbon capture and utilization. They develop advanced technologies for capturing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes, contributing to reducing CO2 emissions and addressing climate change challenges.

4.TBD Power:

IndustryRenewable energy
FocusSolar power generation
ProjectsUtility-scale solar farms
InnovationAdvanced solar panel technology

Description: TBD Power is dedicated to renewable energy, particularly in the field of solar power generation. They specialize in developing utility-scale solar farms and employ advanced solar panel technology to enhance energy efficiency and sustainability.

5.Skilancer Solar:

Company NameSkilancer Solar
IndustryRenewable energy
FocusSolar energy solutions
ServicesSolar panel installation, maintenance

Description: Skilancer Solar specializes in renewable energy solutions with a focus on solar power. They provide services including solar panel installation and maintenance, contributing to the adoption of sustainable energy practices in various sectors.

6.Ecozen Solutions:

Company NameEcozen Solutions
FocusPost-harvest solutions
ProductsSolar-powered cold rooms, IoT-based solutions

Description: Ecozen Solutions specializes in agri-tech innovations, focusing on post-harvest solutions. They offer products such as solar-powered cold rooms and utilize IoT-based technologies to improve agricultural storage and logistics, aiming to reduce food wastage and enhance farm productivity.

7.Turtle Shell Technologies:

Company NameTurtle Shell Technologies
IndustryMarine conservation technology
FocusTurtle protection
ProductsGPS tracking devices, data analytics

Description: Turtle Shell Technologies specializes in marine conservation technology with a focus on turtle protection. They develop products such as GPS tracking devices and utilize data analytics to monitor and protect turtles, contributing to biodiversity conservation efforts worldwide.

8.Log 9 Materials:

Company NameLog 9 Materials
FocusGraphene-based products
ProductsGraphene batteries, air purification

Description: Log 9 Materials is a company focused on nanotechnology, particularly in developing graphene-based products. Their offerings include graphene batteries known for their efficiency and longevity, as well as solutions for air purification, utilizing graphene’s unique properties to enhance performance in various applications.

9.Mandala Group:

Company NameMandala Group
IndustryFinancial technology
FocusBlockchain solutions
ProductsCryptocurrency exchange platform, digital wallets

Description: Mandala Group specializes in financial technology, particularly in blockchain solutions. They offer products such as a cryptocurrency exchange platform and digital wallets, aiming to simplify and secure digital transactions through innovative blockchain technologies.

10.CleanMax Solar:

Company NameCleanMax Solar
IndustryRenewable energy
FocusSolar power solutions
ServicesSolar rooftop installations, solar farms

Description: CleanMax Solar specializes in renewable energy solutions with a focus on solar power. They provide services such as solar rooftop installations and development of solar farms, contributing to sustainable energy practices and reducing carbon footprint across various sectors.

These startups are actively contributing to India’s climate technology landscape by offering innovative solutions across various sectors, including renewable energy, agriculture, energy efficiency, and carbon management.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top ClimateTech startups in India:

  1. What does Ororatech specialize in?
    • Ororatech specializes in satellite-based crop monitoring and weather analytics to optimize agricultural practices and enhance crop yields.
  2. What solutions does Smart Joules provide?
    • Smart Joules offers energy efficiency solutions for commercial and industrial buildings using smart technology and analytics to reduce energy consumption and operational costs.
  3. How does Carbon Clean Solutions contribute to reducing carbon emissions?
    • Carbon Clean Solutions develops carbon capture technology to help industries reduce their carbon footprint by capturing CO2 emissions and preventing them from entering the atmosphere.
  4. What are TBD Power’s initiatives in rural electrification?
    • TBD Power focuses on providing decentralized solar energy solutions to rural areas, aiming to enhance energy access and promote sustainable development.
  5. What innovations does Skilancer Solar bring to the solar energy sector?
    • Skilancer Solar innovates in rooftop solar installations and solar-powered products for residential and commercial use, aiming to promote clean energy adoption.

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