Top 10 Drone Startups in india

As of recent developments, here are ten notable drone startups in India that are making significant strides in various sectors such as agriculture, infrastructure inspection, surveillance, and delivery services:

1.Drona Aviation:

Company NameDrona Aviation
FocusDrone technology, UAVs
ProductsSwagat, Swaraj

Description: Drona Aviation specializes in drone technology and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). They offer products such as the Swagat and Swaraj drones, focusing on applications ranging from aerial photography to surveillance and industrial inspections. Drona Aviation aims to leverage drone technology for innovative solutions across various sectors including agriculture, infrastructure, and public safety.

2.Asteria Aerospace:

Company NameAsteria Aerospace
FocusUnmanned aerial systems, drone technology
ProductsGenesis, Gryphon

Description: Asteria Aerospace specializes in aerospace technology, particularly in the development of unmanned aerial systems (UAS) and drone technology. They offer products such as the Genesis and Gryphon drones, designed for applications including surveillance, mapping, and precision agriculture. Asteria Aerospace aims to advance the capabilities of unmanned aerial systems for both commercial and defense purposes.

3.ideaForge Technology:

Company NameideaForge Technology
FocusUAVs, drone technology

Description: ideaForge Technology specializes in aerospace technology, particularly focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drone technology. They offer products such as the NETRA surveillance drone and SWITCH tactical drone, known for their advanced capabilities in surveillance, reconnaissance, and tactical operations. ideaForge Technology is a key player in the UAV industry, catering to both defense and commercial sectors with their innovative drone solutions.

4.Skylark Drones:

Company NameSkylark Drones
IndustryDrone technology
FocusAerial data acquisition, drone services
ServicesSurveying, mapping, inspections

Description: Skylark Drones specializes in drone technology, focusing on aerial data acquisition and drone services. They provide services such as surveying, mapping, and inspections using their fleet of drones equipped with advanced sensors and cameras. Skylark Drones aims to leverage drone technology for various applications including infrastructure assessment, agriculture monitoring, and environmental surveys.

5.Quidich Innovation Labs:

Company NameQuidich Innovation Labs
IndustryDrone technology, sports analytics
FocusAerial cinematography, sports analytics
ServicesDrone filming, sports data analysis

Description: Quidich Innovation Labs operates at the intersection of drone technology and sports analytics. They specialize in aerial cinematography using drones for filming and capturing sports events from unique perspectives. Additionally, Quidich provides sports data analysis services, leveraging advanced analytics to derive insights and enhance performance in sports.

6.Edall Systems:

Company NameEdall Systems
IndustryInformation Technology
FocusSoftware development, IT solutions
ServicesCustom software development, IT consulting

Description: Edall Systems specializes in providing information technology solutions. They focus on custom software development and IT consulting services, catering to businesses looking to enhance their technological capabilities and streamline their operations through innovative software solutions.

7.TechEagle Innovations:

Company NameTechEagle Innovations
IndustryDrone technology
FocusDrone delivery solutions
ProductsCustom delivery drones

Description: TechEagle Innovations specializes in drone technology, specifically focusing on developing custom delivery drones. They aim to revolutionize logistics and e-commerce sectors by providing efficient and innovative drone delivery solutions. TechEagle Innovations is committed to advancing the capabilities of drones for last-mile delivery and aerial logistics applications.

8.Garuda Aerospace:

Company NameGaruda Aerospace
FocusUAVs, drone technology
ServicesSurveillance, agriculture monitoring

Description: Garuda Aerospace specializes in aerospace technology, focusing on unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and drone technology. They provide services such as surveillance and agriculture monitoring using their fleet of drones equipped with specialized sensors and cameras. Garuda Aerospace aims to leverage drone technology for various applications including security, infrastructure inspection, and agricultural efficiency.


Company NameDronamics
IndustryAerospace, logistics
FocusCargo drone delivery
ProductsBlack Swan UAV

Description: Dronamics is a company specializing in aerospace and logistics, focusing on cargo drone delivery. Their flagship product, the Black Swan UAV, is designed to transport goods efficiently over long distances. Dronamics aims to revolutionize the logistics industry by offering faster, more cost-effective, and environmentally friendly delivery solutions through their advanced drone technology.


Company NameNocturne
FocusWomen’s nightwear
ProductsPajamas, nightgowns, loungewear

Description: Nocturne is a fashion brand specializing in women’s nightwear. They offer a range of products including pajamas, nightgowns, and loungewear, designed to provide comfort and style for nighttime and relaxation.

These drone startups are at the forefront of innovation in India, addressing diverse market needs and leveraging drone technology to enhance efficiency, safety, and sustainability across various industries.

Some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top drone startups in India:

  1. What does Drona Aviation specialize in?
    • Drona Aviation specializes in drone manufacturing, focusing on educational drones and commercial applications such as agriculture and surveillance.
  2. What are Asteria Aerospace’s main applications for drones?
    • Asteria Aerospace develops drones primarily for defense, industrial inspections, and surveillance purposes, emphasizing robust research and development.
  3. What sets ideaForge Technology’s drones apart?
    • ideaForge Technology is known for its high-performance drones used in defense, security, and industrial applications, noted for their ruggedness and reliability.
  4. How does Skylark Drones use drones in agriculture and infrastructure inspection?
    • Skylark Drones provides drone solutions for agriculture (crop monitoring, spraying) and infrastructure inspection (like mining and construction), using advanced data analytics to provide actionable insights.
  5. What services does Quidich Innovation Labs offer with drones?
    • Quidich Innovation Labs specializes in drone services for aerial cinematography, sports coverage, and industrial applications, renowned for capturing high-quality aerial footage.

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