Top 10 Smart City Startups in India

As of recent trends and developments, here are ten notable smart city startups in India that are playing pivotal roles in urban innovation and infrastructure development:

1.UrbanClap (now Urban Company):

Company NameUrban Company (formerly UrbanClap)
IndustryHome services
FocusOn-demand home services
ServicesBeauty, cleaning, repairs, wellness

Description: Urban Company, previously known as UrbanClap, is a platform offering on-demand home services. Their services include beauty treatments, cleaning, repairs, and wellness, aiming to provide convenience and quality by connecting customers with professionals for various home-related tasks. Urban Company focuses on delivering reliable and efficient services to improve everyday living.


Company NameSwiggy
IndustryFood delivery
FocusOn-demand food delivery
ServicesRestaurant delivery, grocery delivery, Swiggy Genie

Description: Swiggy is a leading on-demand food delivery platform. They offer a wide range of services including restaurant delivery, grocery delivery, and Swiggy Genie, which provides pickup and drop services for various items. Swiggy aims to provide convenience and fast delivery to customers by partnering with numerous restaurants and local stores.


Company NameOla
FocusRide-hailing services
ServicesRide-sharing, electric vehicles, food delivery

Description: Ola is a major player in the transportation industry, primarily focusing on ride-hailing services. In addition to ride-sharing, Ola has expanded its offerings to include electric vehicles and food delivery services. Ola aims to provide convenient, reliable, and sustainable transportation solutions across various cities.


Company NameBounce
FocusScooter sharing, electric mobility
ServicesScooter rentals, electric scooters

Description: Bounce is a transportation company focused on scooter sharing and electric mobility. They offer scooter rentals for convenient urban commuting and have introduced electric scooters to promote sustainable transportation. Bounce aims to provide affordable and eco-friendly mobility solutions for city dwellers.


Company NameRapido
FocusBike taxi services
ServicesBike rides, auto rickshaw rides

Description: Rapido is a transportation company specializing in bike taxi services. They offer convenient bike rides and have expanded to include auto rickshaw rides. Rapido aims to provide affordable, efficient, and quick transportation solutions for urban commuters.


Company NameJugnoo
IndustryTransportation, logistics
FocusAuto-rickshaw rides, hyperlocal delivery
ServicesRide-hailing, food delivery, grocery delivery

Description: Jugnoo is a transportation and logistics company focusing on auto-rickshaw rides and hyperlocal delivery services. They offer ride-hailing, food delivery, and grocery delivery services, aiming to provide convenient and affordable solutions for urban mobility and local logistics needs.


Company NameZomato
IndustryFood delivery, restaurant discovery
FocusOn-demand food delivery, restaurant reviews
ServicesFood ordering, table reservations, Zomato Pro membership

Description: Zomato is a prominent company in the food delivery and restaurant discovery industry. They offer services such as on-demand food delivery, restaurant reviews, table reservations, and a Zomato Pro membership for exclusive dining benefits. Zomato aims to connect customers with a wide range of restaurants and enhance their dining experiences.


Company NameMyGate
IndustrySecurity, community management
FocusGated community security, visitor management
ServicesVisitor tracking, security alerts, community communication

Description: MyGate is a company specializing in security and community management for gated communities. They provide services such as visitor tracking, security alerts, and community communication tools. MyGate aims to enhance the safety and convenience of residents by streamlining security processes and improving communication within communities.


Company NamePracto
FocusHealth tech, telemedicine
ServicesDoctor consultations, online appointments, health records

Description: Practo is a health tech company specializing in telemedicine and digital healthcare solutions. They offer services including doctor consultations, online appointment bookings, and electronic health records. Practo aims to make healthcare more accessible and convenient by leveraging technology to connect patients with healthcare professionals.


Company NameNestAway
IndustryReal estate, housing
FocusRental housing, property management
ServicesFurnished rentals, property maintenance, tenant management

Description: NestAway is a real estate and housing company that focuses on rental housing and property management. They offer furnished rentals, property maintenance, and tenant management services. NestAway aims to provide a seamless rental experience for tenants and landlords by managing all aspects of property rental and maintenance.

These startups are actively contributing to the transformation of urban living in India by leveraging technology and innovative solutions to address various urban challenges such as mobility, housing, healthcare, and safety.

some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top smart city startups in India:

  1. What services does UrbanClap (Urban Company) offer?
    • UrbanClap, now known as Urban Company, offers on-demand home services such as cleaning, repairs, beauty services, and more, providing convenience to urban residents.
  2. How does Swiggy contribute to smart cities?
    • Swiggy enhances urban dining experiences by offering food delivery services using technology-driven platforms, ensuring efficient food delivery and logistics.
  3. What are Ola’s initiatives in smart urban mobility?
    • Ola provides ride-hailing services, including electric vehicles and innovative urban mobility solutions, aiming to reduce congestion and promote sustainable transportation in cities.
  4. How does Bounce promote sustainable urban mobility?
    • Bounce offers bike and scooter-sharing services, providing convenient and sustainable transportation options to urban residents.
  5. What are the benefits of using Rapido’s bike taxi services in cities?
    • Rapido offers bike taxi services for quick and affordable urban commuting, reducing travel time and congestion on city roads.

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