Top 10 FashionTech Startups in India

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Name StyleDotMe
Description Fashion virtual fitting room app
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Summary StyleDotMe is a virtual fitting room app that allows users to try out clothes virtually before making a purchase.

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Name Voylla
Description Online jewelry retailer
Headquarters Jaipur, India
Summary Voylla is an online platform that offers a wide range of trendy and affordable jewelry pieces for customers.

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Name Perpule
Description Retail tech platform
Headquarters Bangalore, India
Summary Perpule is a retail tech platform that provides self-checkout and omnichannel solutions for retailers.

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Name Flyrobe
Description Fashion rental service
Headquarters Mumbai, India
Summary Flyrobe is a fashion rental service that offers designer clothes and accessories for special occasions.

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Name Roposo
Description Social fashion discovery platform
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Summary Roposo is a social fashion discovery platform that allows users to explore and shop for the latest fashion trends.

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Name Leverage Edu
Description AI-powered study abroad platform
Headquarters New Delhi, India
Summary Leverage Edu helps students plan their study abroad journey with personalized mentorship and guidance.

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Name Womaniya
Description Women’s fashion marketplace
Headquarters Pune, India
Summary Womaniya is a marketplace for women’s fashion that offers a curated selection of clothing and accessories.

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Name Treasure
Description Fashion AI startup
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Summary Treasure uses AI technology to create personalized styling recommendations and shopping experiences for users.

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Name Spoyl
Description Pre-owned fashion marketplace
Headquarters Hyderabad, India
Summary Spoyl is a marketplace for pre-owned fashion items, offering users the opportunity to buy and sell gently used clothes.

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Name LimeRoad
Description Social commerce platform
Headquarters Gurugram, India
Summary LimeRoad is a social commerce platform that allows users to discover, share, and shop for fashion, beauty, and home products.

some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about the top FashionTech startups in India:

  1. What is FashionTech?
    • FashionTech refers to the intersection of fashion and technology, where technology is used to innovate and enhance various aspects of the fashion industry including design, manufacturing, retail, and consumer experience.
  2. Why are FashionTech startups gaining prominence in India?
    • FashionTech startups are gaining prominence in India due to increasing digital adoption among consumers, demand for personalized shopping experiences, growth of e-commerce platforms, and the convergence of fashion with advanced technologies like AI and AR.
  3. Which areas of fashion do FashionTech startups in India focus on?
    • FashionTech startups in India focus on various areas including online fashion marketplaces, virtual fitting rooms, AI-powered fashion styling apps, sustainable fashion solutions, smart textiles, and digital fashion shows.
  4. What are some challenges faced by FashionTech startups in India?
    • Challenges include maintaining design integrity while leveraging technology, managing inventory and logistics for online sales, addressing fit and sizing issues in online shopping, educating consumers about new technologies, and sustainability in fashion production.

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